She was amazing. I would repeat as long as many times as I could. What a home run! Seems to enjoy her work, which is always a plus. I love both giving and receiving and wasn’t disappointed in either area. Really cool chick and very pretty. She's very young looking. I can usually tell how a session will go within 2 minutes of walking in...and I was getting very good vibes from her. No awkwardness...totally at ease. I mean, she is something out of Rio Di Jinero! I will not go into the minute details of she provided this and she provided that, nor will I state that she allowed me to this and allowed me to that to her. I suspect she may be a college student at one of the local schools. I'm really torn about writing this because she doesn't work much and a good review means some of you bastards are going to be booking her instead of me! I have never had an ATF, but I think I do now! She was just as hot as her pictures, and she looked great! The pics on the website are very accurate. I reach the location and knock on the door. She opens the door dressed in a cute little nightie. 786-681-4404 ... more >