I am a repeat client, and have never felt rushed, but I tend to keep an eye on the clock to make sure I don't take advantage of a great arrangement. I'll keep this review short and light on details cause what others have said about her already is entirely true! I could see that you guys would just LOVE her, she has the personality of a goddess and is a great listener and conversationalist. This was my first visit to a very classy, yet incredibly sexy young beauty. If you are a warm, friendly and genuine gentleman with her you will be more than amply rewarded. Photos on this site are accurate. I'm happy to report, she lives up to the good reviews. She wore heels when I walked in, still she's about my height and she is looking at me. And I love it. I have never had an ATF, but I think I do now! Location is upscale. If you are driving make allowances for traffic due to construction in the area. Having never seen her before I had no idea what I was in store for. What I got was a gorgeous young lady that was full of energy and came armed with a fantastic sense of humour. Within mere seconds I had this girl laughing and the fun experience for both of us never stopped. She has been in a great discreet location with parking, very close to where I work. 628-888-0172 ... more >