Booked through text which was easy and confirmed by phone. Seriously good service.... what a great time! I'm sure it's a YMMV thing, but she definitely seemed to enjoy the conversational part of our visit together and seemed to get super-duper excited. We agreed on her working next Wed/Thur, so we can repeat this amazing encounter. The eyes are easy to get lost in, and giggle is so adorable. I have not even gotten to the skills department yet. I don't think I have met another massage therapist with a sexy body like that since. Nice breasts that look real and very sexy. Thought I should share a review of one of the best massage therapists I ever visited. Look for the link for those that want to see her ad and contact info. Her tummy is beautiful. Her entire skin is incredibly soft to the touch. I could have stayed with her for hours just rubbing that soft skin. I think it would only be fair to chime in and give in my two cents since I have been benefiting from all of your two cents and reviews very much. 628-222-2450 ... more >