Needless to say I had a great time and will definitely repeat with her in the near future. Smitten I am! Given the reviews already available I am not going into a detail account of our rendezvous. Her pics piqued my interest and after reading yesterday's review and a few others she was quickly moved to the top of my TDL. Through I had a very small window which was advised when and where she would be working next. Jumped all over it and had her contact to reserve the time slot to meet my schedule. Amenities were impeccable. Genuinely nice, very friendly girl with a great attitude and service. Definite repeat (and have, actually). She can be shy at times but listens to directions very well and is all about pleasing. This girl aims to please, and makes you feel special right when you walk in the door, and all the way until you walk out that door. She hugged me, we talked a little bit. I told her I need to use the bathroom. I will not go into the minute details of she provided this and she provided that, nor will I state that she allowed me to this and allowed me to that to her. I will definitely repeat. The girl is incredible. Met her for one hour in the evening, easy place to find, parking across the street. The demand for her must be through the roof. The whole time she kept saying and asking if I liked it and if I wanted more and that sort of conversational exchange between the two of us was sort of really exciting. I arrived, got in knocked on the door and a beautiful girl opens the door. 619-369-6763 ... more >