I thought of seeing her again after my meeting but ended up taking some clients out and didnít get home until late. Few days ago she was available in the evening, the booking was super easy all through texts, was given the address right away after I said I am not familiar with the area. Based on excellent reviews from experienced massage seekers on this board, I decided to see her before I went on my trip last month. I am glad I did. I won't go into deep detail, suffice to say she is a 9 all round! Such a kissable pair of lips.. and her ass was to die for. She reminded me of the type of girl you would date when you were in college - super cute and sort of shy but opens up if you take charge. She offered various methods for the massage. She was quite vocal and it was definitely a plus. She was very accommodating and made the effort to ensure I had a good time. Photos on this site are accurate. I asked to use the bathroom because I was sweaty from the walk and she said sure. Asked her if she was good with massage and she said no problem. I got one of her great massages! Those are to die for. It was just one of those session where everything was clicking. So rare for me on a first encounter. One thing I love about this is the potential for variety. 615-475-3902 ... more >