She has nice hair and sexy eyes. Those of you who have been around know that I have reviewed this lovely once before but I thought it was worth updating my review. You know, there are good looking girls, and then there are hot looking girls? I just had to be with her. Had a bit of small talk/tease (just the way she talks to you is so sensual). Went to her place evening time, it felt very sexy. All I can say is WOW: she looks hot. The next hour was off the charts! Highly energetic, just got really into each other. She actually reminded me of a neighbour's daughter from my high school days. She is the one who will make your head turn, whether you like it or not. I have been seeing this little beauty a few times now. Had a appointment set before I left home and when I got to town I thought I hit the jackpot and booked for the evening, a lady who is very well reviewed and very popular here on these forums. Having heard amazing things about all of her exploits and her drive on here I decided I needed all my strength to keep up with her. She is one of those rare gems to visit, she said she expects to be here few more weeks. I'm sure it's a YMMV thing, but she definitely seemed to enjoy the conversational part of our visit together and seemed to get super-duper excited. 819-724-0139 ... more >