First thing I could think of was WOW! I went to see her because of some previous reviews on here from which I determined that she was what I was looking for, and I was not wrong! I think this girl is under-reviewed as I think just her overall package and great service will score many clients down the road. I missed posting a review on this one earlier, just off loading a few reviews now that the time is behind us. I will definitely see her again....for longer. She is a cool girl and a total sweetheart. We engaged in some good conversation after. She is definitely the kind of girl you could talk for hours with over some drinks. I have been intrigued by her since I saw her on this website. Grabbed a quick shower and we chatted some more before I left. She was dressed exactly like in her pictures and even satiated my request for specifically revealing poses as we chitchatted to get to know each other. I love both giving and receiving and wasn’t disappointed in either area. She is my FAVORITE massage therapist of all time, and in my area she has no competition. She was just as hot as her pictures, and she looked great! Will I repeat? Definitely - I love a talented girl, but just as important, she has a positive personality and is engaging to talk to. 706-981-5388 ... more >