I will definitely see her again in the future, maybe next week. Everyone should have qualities about themselves that are attractive to such beautiful and wonderful women. I've been meaning to meet up with her ever since I first saw her pics on this site. Location was extremely easy to find and very upscale. She was great, no clock watching and it wasn’t till I looked up and noticed the clock had two minutes left in our session. On the phone she was very polite and helpful. I went to the appointed location on time, which was clean and very nice. I'm not going to use numbers; everything is subjective. I find her to be incredibly sexy. She has a cute face and gorgeous eyes. The date went better than I had anticipated. Words cannot do justice to what she did or how it made me feel but I know for fact that I have never had such an extended feeling of euphoria in my life and I cannot wait to experience it again. Afterwards we lay and chatted until time was up. However, I am not a typical demographic on this board as I would say Im a little older than the average Joe. She deserves a good recommendation, but please don't wear her out, fellow board members. As of writing this review there are only a few pics up of her, but they are accurate. IMHO she is very pretty, and has a warm, welcoming, bubbly personality... in fact I would put her near the top of all my massage therapist visits in terms of how welcome she made me feel. 705-302-7699 ... more >