She kindly told me that I worked so hard that I deserved to take a break. She cleaned me up with a warm towel, and we chilled, relaxing and talking. Loved everything about her. She is really down to earth, smart, witty, made me laugh, and not to mention insanely beautiful. That's something only a quality massage therapist can offer. It's the different atmosphere which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I took a chance and messaged her that I was coming to town and we managed to set a date and time. She is STUNNING! and cute as I knew she would be. It was just one of those session where everything was clicking. So rare for me on a first encounter. One thing I love about this is the potential for variety. This seems like a girl who just loves what she does. I made my way to her incall actually walked from my location which was a bit of a mistake since it was a long walk. Not sure if this is the kind of review you are expecting though, as I like to write how I feel rather than just what happened. My time spent with her was very much similar to that with an acquaintance. She comes across as a really cool (as in hip, not cold) lady with a genuine attitude. She greets you in incredibly sexy lingerie. From there, everything you would expect. 704-396-3783 ... more >