Met her for one hour in the evening, easy place to find, parking across the street. I could see that you guys would just LOVE her, she has the personality of a goddess and is a great listener and conversationalist. I let her take the lead. I was very passive and she showed some new to me massage tricks as a result. When I got there, I was surprised how pretty and sweet she is. Throughout she was friendly, tried to please, and was nice to talk to and fun to be with. What a refreshing experience. Sometime last week I was in the mood for a nice massage and decided to look through the availabilities. My regular was just about all booked up, so I was pleasantly surprised to find she was available at the time I had requested. I liked the pics and I liked how she worded her ad recently, so I decided to meet her, and very glad that I did! This girl standing in front of me totally jaw-dropping gorgeous young lady, she is tall with heels, great body (all natural) with pair of long legs. No doubt in my opinion she is beautiful with her attractive eyes! She only has light make up but I can tell she still looks beautiful without make up. Yes - it is her and I need to pick up my jaw from the ground! I won't go into deep detail, suffice to say she is a 9 all round! I was staying till Sunday but I think I may be staying for next week too. I will not go into detail as there are several reviews of her. 719-662-0918 ... more >