In terms of appearance I found her to be slimmer than her photos. I think she was mentioned in a thread somewhere before, but not specifically reviewed, apart from the news yesterday of me coming back, so I am willing to shed some light into this. When I got there, I was surprised how pretty and sweet she is. She cleaned me up with a warm towel, and we chilled, relaxing and talking. I had some business to attend to so I decided to book her and make it a dual purpose trip. There is just something about this lady that really turns my crank. Since I think went a bit overtime, she was patient so I gave a nice tip. She is so sweet too, she couldn't apologize enough for the delay. No attitude or distractions, communication was great and as down to earth as its gets. Makes for a very casual and stress free encounter. All in all, highly recommended. I have been seeing this little beauty a few times now. She said that she would be available in the evening and that I should feel free to call her so I did. 709-048-7524 ... more >