Service: Very good...lots of energy. We chatted a bit, and she was great to talk to. Amenities were impeccable. Genuinely nice, very friendly girl with a great attitude and service. Definite repeat (and have, actually). Here’s the story for you, purely subjective and my opinion only. What wonderful combinations of fate, desire and destiny were at play that night, our passionate journey to the heavenly conclusion was pure bliss for both of us. Cute girl, lovely figure, velvet skin, warm personality and great service. Looked fantastic in panties combined with a tight top. She is easy going with a sharp wit, very funny and sexy all in an understated but confident manner. I am a repeat client, and have never felt rushed, but I tend to keep an eye on the clock to make sure I don't take advantage of a great arrangement. This adorable and sexy vixen definitely seems to be flying far under the radar. True hottie with deep sexy eyes, soft lips and a sweet smile. I find her very attractive facially, and much more than typical GND. She is a true masseuse. It actually kind of pains me to write this review because now, I will have share her with the rest of you... Facially I found her attractive, I would say she is well above average. As for the service. Second to none! She did not rush me at all. 702-941-4049 ... more >