Great conversation, genuine concern that I enjoy the session, and perfect technique. If every massage therapist I met were like this I'd have gone broke a long time ago. Her pictures are accurate. There was some great small talk and a very nice massage. Her eyes generate loveliness, and she has a great genuine smile that she offers up freely through the session. Rating? is there a chart high enough to fit this rating? Recently seen her, and was impressed with this girl once again. After reading a good review of her lately decided to take a plunge. I gave her a call for the appointment at noon. She is a very pretty. I imagined a certain outfit and she answered the door in something similar - very nice. She deserves to be treated well and I hope I did so. The pictures on the website are accurate as is her description. I find her to be very attractive and this is truly a case of a woman who looks even better than her pictures. 281-819-7961 ... more >