Wow, I am so glad to have found her. I'm truly smitten. She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. She is one of the nicest massage therapists I've met, she is just a darling. Very honest and bubbly yet wise for her age, for example she understood right away my reason for not seeing same girl too many times: afraid of attachment huh? She is amazing and I think her body, face, and personality are exactly literally perfect. Beautiful face, sweet lips, great walk and eye contact while talking to me which I love. On the phone she was very polite and helpful. I went to the appointed location on time, which was clean and very nice. She has a body that when you look at it you just want to hold her, squeeze her, and just look at her again. She is a beautiful girl with a very exciting attitude and great enthusiasm. I saw her ad on the forums, did a quick search for her on this board and found no reviews. I took the hour and was glad that I did. I know that makes no sense but like I said my brain was not on level ground. I was sort of in brain ecstasy for a few hours after the session. 984-226-3260 ... more >