I have a load of reviews to post, but I've been too lazy. So here's the latest! I will definitely repeat, most likely next week. Best bang for a buck for sure. Service: Very good...lots of energy. Well sign me up for her fan club! She opened the door in the sexy outfit she wears in several of her pics. She definitely deserves some accolades for her talents, IMHO. Id rate her close to a 9.5 in overall experience and would recommend. Afterwards we lay and chatted until time was up. Boy oh boy, I am still at a loss for words about how to explain this one. Ill try my best so excuse me if I miss a few things, I am still somewhat new to this. After lunch I decided to stop by her place which is a 5 minute drive South. I had an amazing time with her myself, and agree with what was said about her body, and would add that I think she has one of the prettiest faces I've seen recently as well. Shes hot and sexy and delivers in spades. A true GND with that great combination of skill and passion. She seemed quite pleasant on the phone with a cute girly voice. 949-397-6893 ... more >