I have been meaning to get around to posting this review but never had time. Such a kissable pair of lips.. and her ass was to die for. I came feeling unsure and nervous, but I left feeling like a million bucks. I love both giving and receiving and wasn’t disappointed in either area. Massage was great. Very thorough and professional. I read a lot of positive reports about this girl on this board, and since I was suffering from back pain, so decided to give her a try. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, but see through my beauty and recognize that the hot little number I am speaking of is definitely worthy of seeing. Maybe she clicked with me / YMMV thing? Her massage is a real massage. Like I'm talkin' RMT style except on a flat bed, not a table. After a short chat, I was made an offer that I kindly accepted. The date went better than I had anticipated. Words cannot do justice to what she did or how it made me feel but I know for fact that I have never had such an extended feeling of euphoria in my life and I cannot wait to experience it again. She is a hot girl. Her face is incredibly pretty, her lips are amazing and her smile is hypnotizing. 949-203-1771 ... more >