We talked for a while about this and that, and she put me totally at ease, even going to the extent of saying that I can be completely forthright about what I wanted out of the session. Somebody mentioned earlier about how her attitude was almost "Geisha" like. And that's exactly what I experienced. She's so focused on your needs and so attentive to the tiniest of details that your nervousness sort of vanishes. She's apparently a very popular massage therapist (all the boys seem to be talking about how much they love her). Booking with her is a breeze, and her professionalism in keeping time and returning texts is amazing. I would like to share some quick feedback on this massage therapist, I paid for the full hour, the location was upscale. Her positive attitude is off the charts, from the minute I walked in until I left (a bit over the hour) she made me feel like a king. Given her amazing face and body I would definitely make another appointment with her! She is truly a gem. She is my FAVORITE massage therapist of all time, and in my area she has no competition. I asked to use the bathroom, came out and then it was the fun started. Got to the location a few minutes early. Texted to let her know I was there. Near the scheduled time, I get the call with the info. Set up was fairly easy. We had been texting back and forth over the last few nights, so we already had a good rapport. I love these girls but I keep reminding myself to take every review with a grain of salt. 929-470-6004 ... more >