I'm always sceptical with professional pics. I have been duped before, so I was ready to walk if I didn't like what I saw. Went up and when she opened the door, I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. She is a knockout!! Arrived at the place and was sent up immediately and was pleased when I saw her. I asked if she was available immediately the response was an hour's notice which didn't work for my schedule. I will not go into detail as there are several reviews of her. Despite my intense urges about meeting her, we started with just sitting and talking which I really loved it put me quite at ease. She really knew how to connect with me. I honestly felt like I was sitting in my living room with my girlfriend (OK my imaginary girlfriend). I would have been content to fill the whole hour like this. Those having seen her should agree with my report. I was offered everything stated in her menu and gladly accepted. Thank you dear, for being so good to me. Consider this review my gift to all fellow board members. You can thank me later. Needless to say I had a great time and will definitely repeat with her in the near future. She is so sweet too, she couldn't apologize enough for the delay. She is one of the nicest massage therapists I've met, she is just a darling. Truly outstanding and memorable. She has a great personality and for some reason we had a pretty good connection. She has the most wonderful body. I still think about how it felt. 281-810-1771 ... more >