As always, booking is easy, location is upscale and clean, parking easy to find and the lady - fantastic. I replied to an earlier thread about this, I completely concur with what was said and my experience is very similar, I always search for new ladies. Given that I didn't see the pictures beforehand I was pleasantly surprised. The power of this board is awesome, never hesitate to post your feedback, based on a review I decided to take the plunge and check her out. I'm here to report back and cement his review as being accurate, maybe I even had a better experience, who knows. You know, there are good looking girls, and then there are hot looking girls? I asked to use the bathroom because I was sweaty from the walk and she said sure. I would like to give a big thank you for all the contributors here and the people who TOFTT and in turn pointed me in the right direction. Which is how I found this lovely and absolutely amazing lady. The pictures on the website are accurate as is her description. We chatted for a few minutes and then I was off, and in search of a cold drink. She has nice hair and sexy eyes. She asked if I could go again and I said, "sure". She then said "that's what I needed" and I continued on. She is so sweet too, she couldn't apologize enough for the delay. Her entire demeanour sets the mood perfectly. 720-532-5296 ... more >