I was in town on vacation visiting relatives and decided to live it up and see her again. She has an almost shy, innocent quality about her that make her quite endearing. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with her. Very pretty and cute face, gorgeous breasts which upon examination appear to me at least to be stunningly and unfathomably un-enhanced. She is definitely not a clock watcher and maintained very friendly attitude throughout the session. The next hour was off the charts! Highly energetic, just got really into each other. I was very impressed with her service and she is pretty liberal as well so long as you behave like a gentleman. I won't lie I felt pretty awkward and nervous when I got into the room lol but I had never done this type of thing before and she helped me feel very comfortable, she is a sweetheart. Man did she look gorgeous with that sexy flowing hair at this point I didn't want to wait for dinner. I noticed that the website was down but she still had an ad on here. I decided to call the place. I have not even gotten to the skills department yet. Her boobs are awesome, nice and firm, they really should be more highlighted in the photos! 727-401-4462 ... more >