Nice breasts that look real and very sexy. Her boobs are awesome, nice and firm, they really should be more highlighted in the photos! Took a quick bathroom visit and when I got back to the room. She had a nice smile was very pleasant and instructed me to lie down. That's something only a quality massage therapist can offer. The usual services were offered and I was certainly treated to them. Wearing a sexy, tight outfit that easily brought a smile to my face. I will not go into the minute details of she provided this and she provided that, nor will I state that she allowed me to this and allowed me to that to her. Since I think went a bit overtime, she was patient so I gave a nice tip. It's always good to play guessing games in your head as to how a massage therapist would look facially before you meet her. I entered the room and standing behind the door was this extremely cute girl with a flawless body, in a lingerie set. Facially, I thought that she was definitely somewhere in between the spectrum spanning GND and DDG, with very fine features and mesmerizing eyes. This was my first visit to a very classy, yet incredibly sexy young beauty. Overall, I had a great time and will repeat for sure. Location is upscale. If you are driving make allowances for traffic due to construction in the area. 201-349-7266 ... more >