It would appear she does not have a set routine, my experience was different but every bit as good. Thought I would post a review of this girl who I recently saw up. I have been curious about this lady for a very long time! Though many girls tempted me, I resisted until I saw her pics. Somehow, the pics told me 'new, innocent' girl. If you picture a pretty Wall-Street admin assistant, dressed in nice one piece dress, heels, you get the picture. What a refreshing experience. She is the cute smart girl that many of us lusted after in our college days. She is intelligent and articulate. Her entire demeanour sets the mood perfectly. She was amazing. I would repeat as long as many times as I could. What a home run! I wasn't going to pass that up. Had a quick bathroom visit and promptly got ready (had a meeting I could not be late for after). She reminded me of the type of girl you would date when you were in college - super cute and sort of shy but opens up if you take charge. I booked over the phone and it was pleasant and simple. Location was clean and cool, easy parking, drive out wasn't too bad from there. 631-996-7346 ... more >