Given her amazing face and body I would definitely make another appointment with her! Contacted her though phone 1st and txt messages after. Easy set up. Sweet voice that just got my juices flowing. To quickly sum her up, I had a good time, she's eager to please. We sat and talked a bit before going at it, she is very easy to talk to, has very pretty eyes, nice ass and legs. Last week I was lucky enough to see her. She is one of the nicest massage therapists I've met, she is just a darling. I love both giving and receiving and wasn’t disappointed in either area. I find her to be very attractive and this is truly a case of a woman who looks even better than her pictures. Location was a nice room close to where I work. I was in town on business and I had definite plans to sample one or two fine ladies while I was in town. I spent a lot of research time here on this site to narrow down who I had an interest in seeing. She is a great provider on two levels. The massage itself and on the mental/emotional level as well. I left feeling like I was in love with her. If you are looking for a complete and sensual encounter, then she is very definitely a great choice. She did something with her hands which really got me going and I was more excited than I usually am. 920-264-4404 ... more >