I had a great time with her. This is not the first time Iíve seen her and this time was even better. Walking behind her watching that ass of hers sway back and forth in her thong and bra combo was awesome, and even better when everything was off. I am glad to say that she offers the same great level of service. I recently had the pleasure of seeing her, and I have to say it was hands down the best overall massage therapist experience I have had to date. She was done up in a sexy skirt with pantihose and a sexy bra poking out from beneath her tank top. Her makeup was attractive and her face is beautiful. When I got there, I was surprised how pretty and sweet she is. It was in the afternoon, just finished having some all-you-can-eat Sushi. When we retreated she performed some more poses for me until I could not resist anymore. I asked her to keep the dress and the heels on. Fellas, she is one sexy lady. I drop everything to see her whenever I'm in town. Had a quick bathroom visit and promptly got ready (had a meeting I could not be late for after). The session cemented ATF status for me, and it took me several minutes to recover enough to get up to the bathroom after the conclusion. Her pictures do not do justice to how gorgeous and sexy she is in person. I met her at the location and when I first arrived I was blown away by such a beautiful smile, bright eyes and shiny hair. 678-734-2726 ... more >