Her tummy and bum are as cute as ever and looks like she keeps fit by jogging. We were giggling all the way. We were both smiles and we seemed to connect on a level that was beyond just looking. She too felt instantly comfortable and at ease - as if we have known each other a long time already (and yet we had just met). We just gazed into each other eyes. I've had this with only a few girls before. She is a sweetie. I don't get to play much anymore but I will make sure I get to see this one again. Repeat? Hell yes. Met her for one hour in the evening, easy place to find, parking across the street. Asked her if she was good with massage and she said no problem. For those in the area, I definitely recommend. Itís a great incall location. Very upscale. Location was extremely easy to find and very upscale. She concentrated on me only (didn't look at her phone or her clock while I was with her) and was professional in the most wonderfully lusty way while I was with her. I think she may had make up artist training and it shows, her make up was done perfectly. Given the pics I went and wasnít disappointed when she opened the door. 323-402-1938 ... more >