This seems like a girl who just loves what she does. My advice - run, don't walk to the nearest location when she is working next and have a sample for yourselves my fellow massage seekers, it can be an experience you do not want to miss out on if it was anything like mine. I was going nuts looking at pictures of her and finally I had to take the plunge last night, a delightful night for driving. Texted 15 mins before scheduled time that I was on my way, got immediate reply no problem, arrived on time and got room location - all good! This seems like a girl who just loves what she does. Looked fantastic in panties combined with a tight top. She is easy going with a sharp wit, very funny and sexy all in an understated but confident manner. It was a nice, good size room. Bathroom was kind of small, but clean. Loved those natural pear shaped slightly pendulous breasts. Man did she look gorgeous with that sexy flowing hair at this point I didn't want to wait for dinner. She is amazing and I think her body, face, and personality are exactly literally perfect. I'm glad I finally had a chance to see her, she is a nice sweet girl, not a clock watcher and is eager to please. Facilities were amazing. 986-706-0353 ... more >