She is a very good natured girl and I hope to see her again before she leaves. The pics in the ad are definitely her as she was wearing that exact same outfit when I saw her. I would say our time together was an ideal experience, with lots of cuddling and intelligent conversation, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The fact that we were already discussing ideas for our next time together before time was up says it all really, very much looking forward to seeing her again during one of my next trips. She is very pretty with beautiful eyes as one of the big assets. Being thoroughly adept through experience with such comments I smile knowingly. Really cool chick and very pretty. She's very young looking. I can usually tell how a session will go within 2 minutes of walking in...and I was getting very good vibes from her. No awkwardness...totally at ease. Even though there were other options, I took my chances. I saw her a few weeks ago before she had any pictures or reviews posted. The appointment was set up with text and she was easy to get a hold of. Wide eyed, staring and smiling excitedly whoops, “Oh my God, what a great body you have!”. She massaged my entire body, she has RMT skills! Then she moved on to my favourite part of the session, the tease! A beautiful girl greeted me with a big smile. And the way her eyes lit up when she saw me, I almost turned around to see who she was looking at, certainly not at me? This lady exudes the confidence of that sexy/cute/hot/popular sorority girl that every guy on campus wants to date and every girl wants as a best friend. She has a sunny disposition and loves to laugh and smile. 989-206-2658 ... more >