She's very friendly and I was at ease right off the bat. She is very nice to look at, pretty face, toned figure; great overall package IMO. She was taller and a bit younger than I imagined, in good shape with a really nice hourglass body and clean skin with no piercings (pretty rare these days). Yes I know it was my first time with this massage therapist so I have no frame of reference but it was as good as the first time with just about any lady I've been with period. The fantasy for me is the innocence and charm she displays but she is one very passionate lady. She is a real treat! She is so sweet too, she couldn't apologize enough for the delay. Sexy body with smooth skin. Pics are accurate. Good size breasts. Nice round ass. She's quite attractive, how attractive you ask? Well, my gaze was drawn to a pair of sexy legs walking down the hall, her hair over her neck and graceful shoulders, maybe she felt my stare because she looked back with a wicked smile. I kept my towel on because, honestly, I'm a bit shy but she eventually removed it. She can be shy at times but listens to directions very well and is all about pleasing. The eyes are easy to get lost in, and giggle is so adorable. She was really nice, down to earth and provided good service so I was a happy camper. Visually speaking, girl is exactly as she appears in her photos: beautiful hair with a lovely complexion, deliciously curvy and the most magnificent naturals I've seen. 510-955-7144 ... more >