Her techniques are amazing for someone so innocent looking. I would like to share some quick feedback on this massage therapist, I paid for the full hour, the location was upscale. She gets it. She knows how to drive a guy wild and she knows how to please. I'll be the first to admit, I have not written a review in a LONG time. Have become more of a lurker on here and that's only because I make appointments to see girls who are already very well reviewed on this board from trust members and there would really be no point in me posting yet another review repeating what many have already said in their threads. In any case, came in, told her I was going to grab a quick shower. As for the service. Second to none! She did not rush me at all. I am ready to report on my most recent romantic interlude. We went back and forth and she was really great, with a great attitude and answered all my questions. For those wondering about looks, yes her photos are accurate. She has a nice body, and lovely tits. She is young and pretty in a GND kind of way (which is my preference anyway). She kinda reminded me of some of the college girls I went to school with. I kept my towel on because, honestly, I'm a bit shy but she eventually removed it. She opens the door with a big smile, and she is very pretty! 240-784-8991 ... more >