Thanks for this bro, its always better to have free pussy if you can.

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I made a spreadsheet a couple of weeks ago, because I was curious about dinners. My buddy Latif and I have long-since known dinner is the death-knell for getting laid, but I had never taken a statistical look at the stuff. Out of about 25 girls I could think of off the top of my head, I only had sex with 1 or so. Really shitty hit rate. Dinner is a terrible approach if you want to get laid, and I will explain later why. It’s fine in a relationship, or after you've had sex, or with a girlfriend, etc., but never initially, and never if your goal is to get the girl naked.

On the other hand, drinks at a sexy lounge after 10pm is always the right move. Lounges are ideal for a number of reasons, and when I look at my hit rate there, it’s significant. Of the roughly 40 girls I've brought to my favorite spot in Parkdale, about 30 have come home with me and about 25 of those have banged. That’s a much better hit rate than dinner, and yet I am always amazed to walk down the street on a given night, especially Friday night, and see all these eager guys sitting across from a smirking woman. The usual end game there, in my experience, is a fat bill, a bloated stomach, some yawns and a peck on the cheek, with the guy standing foolishly by as the girl steps into a cab waving good-bye. Home to the TOsluts escort ads section. Why? Because women know how to play the game better than men do. Think about all the time they spend reading dating and relationship magazines, and books – you think they don’t know more about the playing field than men? Come on.

The idea for this thread has been on my mind for some time, and grew directly out of my experience hustling in Scarborough. I wouldn't call my game dating, really, because often I just have a single goal. I often meet women I like, and it may develop into something akin to dating, but I still (at 56) enjoy the hustle.

A girl I used to sleep with thought it would be fun to post a relationship and dating thread on tosluts with me but that never got off the ground; another girl (whom I’ve slept with) asked me and some other bachelor friends to write an essay or short piece on bachelorhood in Toronto. I don’t know if they got around to it; I didn't. But I've always been interesting in gender politics and the battle of the sexes and how to get laid, etc. I come from a divorced home, and was raised mostly by my mother. We are very close and I’m sure that contributed to my fascination with and understanding of women.

Anyhow, I've always thought it was interesting but never got around to writing anything. Recently, however, several friends have encouraged me to write a post about getting laid, because I do it well, and it seems to be the one thing that holds my interest, and to which I devote considerable time and effort. They say write what you know. I know how to get laid in Scarborough on the cheap.

What I write here is what I've found to work and what I do in my own life. None of this material is hypothetical. I just had sex with my 100th women; I should have made a t- shirt for her. I keep a spreadsheet of these girls, just as a record, with an “X” if they let me bang them in the ass. I’m 56, and most of these women have been screwed since I moved to Liberty Village 3 years ago – about 70 of them. That’s more than 20 girls a year, and I had a girlfriend for a spell. Also, although there are some rough ones in there, most of the girls are good-looking (7’s or 8’s) and several are 9’s and 10’s, including 3 super-hot models. And I don’t have any money.