All clients are subjected to my sense of humor, and complete awesomeness absolutely free!

Due to today's society and lack of respect to providers. I decided that since I really am a Goddess, I needed to truly change the world. So, I am offering free Attitude Adjustment Sessions.

F***ing F*** off you F***ing F*** F***ing grow a pair! I truly believe it is going to change the world.

If you wish to schedule a session for this please contact 314-799-3214 to see the Latina Goddess in St. Louis, MO. Schedule a Sensual Massage and arrive with a sense of entitlement to superficial immediate gratification and disrespect the set boundary. Your session will then become absolutely free of any previously discussed contribution. At that time you will also hear the above phrase without sensorship.

Law Enforcement Officers are welcome to go ahead schedule the free attitude adjustment session prior to the sensual massage session because you wouldn't get it anyway. Your energy can not lie to the Goddess... Read the above caption and guess what it says.

I will be scheduling a select few sensual massage sessions for new clients 120/hr. They are therapeutic, healing, intensely sensual, and very intimate. A mutual respect and regular appointments will help you to learn how to touch a Goddess the correct way. I'm an excellent teacher.

Understand that I submit to no one, you however, submit to my will. If you wish to have a more enjoyable session, offer your humble service and willingness to learn and grow. You will find that the gratification is deeply satisfying and there is nothing superficial about it. Your actions and energy will determine how nice of a Goddess I am.

Other sessions will also be available such as chill sessions. This is a good opportunity to meet me and discus philosophy. I am willing to walk a mile in your shoes and ask for nothing in return. If I did, what would the sole look like? Offerings are always accepted for those sessions. God can't be here in physical form at the moment, But I will gladly sit with you and share enlightenment. Perhaps a nicer version of the attitude adjustment because your attitude will definitely be uplifted by Goddess Love. Hugs are always free.