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Thread: High Price Tiered Independent High-End Escorts

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    Default High Price Tiered Independent High-End Escorts


    Nadia 400/hr

    Cynthia Cox, 400/hr

    DaleyDDD 400/hr

    Charlotte Edwards 400/hr

    Brigitte Labelle - 400/hr

    D'arcy - 400/hr

    Isabella D'Amour - 400/hr -

    Julia Jayde - 400/hr -

    Miss Blue - 400/hr

    Nia More - 400/hr

    Serena Del Rey - 400/hr -\

    Eden Rockwell- 400/hr

    Sistina Day - 400/hr -

    Sonia DuBois - 400/hr [I cant seem to find the rate explicitly stated on her site]

    Veronica Sway - 400/hr -

    Penelope Bloom 400/hr

    Gigi Del Rae 600/1.5hr

    Karina Valentina 400/hr

    VIP Chloe - 400/hr

    Brandy Rose - 400/hr [incall] 450/hr[outcall] -

    Mariex Amour 400/hr

    Atley Smith 400/hr

    Zaara Khan 400/hr

    Stella Summers 400/hr

    Aura Electra 400/hr

    Violet Lee 400/hr

    Nadia Zanaughti 400/hr

    Sweet Baby Jamie 400/hr

    Lea Rose 400/hr


    Alexis Arnaud - 900/2hr -

    Emmy Valentine - 600/1.5 hr -

    Leigh Daniels 450/hr

    Nina Vasquez - 450/hr -

    Penelope Moore 450/hr

    Victoria Styles - 700/1.5hr -

    Arabella Richards - 450/hr -

    Kinsley Raye 700/1.5hr

    Harper Westbrooke - 450/hr - -- WEBSITE DOWN

    Missy Mays 450/hr (outcall)

    Vivienne Lawrence - 600/1.5hr -

    Isla David- 700/1.5 or 900/2hr -

    Nadine de Valle - 700/1.5hr for GFE date

    Bella Xo 450/hr
    Shes new , no website.

    Brandy Jameson 900/2hr

    Nila Chase 850/2hr

    Lea Abrams 500/hr

    Harley Stone 500/hr

    Hannah Simpson - 1000/2hr -

    Callie Sweetheart 500/hr

    Naomi Nixon - 500/hr -

    Elisa Mark 500/hr

    Vanessa X - 500/hr -

    Alice Worldwide - 500/hr -

    April Azari - 1000/2hr -
    Her twitter is down right now, il update it later

    Stefania Villa 500/hr

    Carmen Flavia - 500/hr - [On a hiatus]

    Tasha Summers - 500/hr

    Sasha Wylde - 500/hr

    Kimberly Lang - 750/1.5hr -

    Elina Hilton 1000/2hr

    There are two Samantha Jones:

    Samantha Jones 500/hr

    Samantha Jones 1000/2hr

    Lacey Song - 500/hr -

    Lara LaFleur - 1000/2hr -

    Sienna Hunter - 1000/2hr -

    Vienna Dao 500/hr

    Isobel Andrews 1000/2

    Erika Redrose 600/hr

    Lia Morine 1200/2hr

    Adriana Luxx - 600/hr -

    Ella Black - 1200/ 2 hr -

    Elsa Delcour - 600/hr -

    Skylar Sinclair - 1200/2 hr -

    Sam Milano 1200/2hr


    Nathalie Rose $1200/2hr

    Annabelle Hope- 1000/1.5hr

    Eloise Hunt / Emily Cain- 1000/1.5 hr -

    Kate Kompton - 700/hr -

    Anna Palomina 1200/hr

    Ei Jin Kim - 2000/2hr -

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    are these sites legit or scam? plz review

    I understand that your cautious since there is a card involved, but im also cautious since im meeting someone online.but you got me so excited that i found another way to meet without using a credit card.This doesn’t require any cc or anything and I think I can still feel safe

    It wont take you a minute, and they only require your email address and like i said No CC needed. so please don’t make excuses. Lets get this going im ready anytime to meet you.

    I understand that your cautious since there is a card involved. This doesn’t require any cc or anything and I think I can still feel safe... Here is my link No Credit Card Required. Just put your email. This site Full free.It is Like fb to meet with me I will waiting for you

    Hello Honey, Looking forward to meeting you. I have a place where i can host, i want you to cumm over, but before anything else, are you safe to be with? Here’s my profile I’m using this free verification check before meeting someone online. you can view my number here if your not an offender or if you don’t have a criminal history. Call me once you got my number and lets talk. or you can just cum over here as my address is there as well. I cannot just give you my private info for safety reasons. hope you can understand. i need to know I’m safe with you before we can move forward..

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