Iíve had magical experiences with massage therapistís before, but it is the little things that set her apart. How she calls your name seductively and urgently. How she is 100% engaged and focused on you, not once looking at her phone. Maybe she is like this with every guy, maybe itís just with me? Obviously I am hoping itís just me. She is quite pretty with great nice tight toned body, nice size boobs, real nice ass and very cute. I love these girls but I keep reminding myself to take every review with a grain of salt. We really had a lot of very unrushed fun together. I wouldn't hesitate to see her again. Booked through text which was easy and confirmed by phone. Maybe she clicked with me / YMMV thing? Fit, trim and in shape. Ample hips, fantastic rounded and taut butt, firm and toned legs and basically just so damn sexy. I have not even gotten to the skills department yet. I arrived at her location and I'm greeted by this cute lady wearing a nice set of panties. She is about my height with heels on, in bare feet maybe couple inch shorter. She has an almost shy, innocent quality about her that make her quite endearing. Throughout she was friendly, tried to please, and was nice to talk to and fun to be with. 813-498-4118 ... more >