I am Janda. I am a Satanic Witch. I make no bones about what I will be doing on your behalf. I cast spells that other practitioners would not dare. I know who I serve and I will cast a powerful spell of lust on a woman or man that is not reciprocating your feelings. I am working directly with Demons of Lust. This is a spiritual attack upon the person of your choice. If you're interested, contact me. I am reasonable.

I specialize in Lust spells. I do offer financial gain spells, luck, hexes, etc...BUT...my personal expertise is in either reuniting you with an ex, driving a specific individual into lusting for you OR magnetizing YOU to attract specific kinds of partners. I find it easier for me to raise the necessary energies to work lust spells.

You would have to tell me a little about your situation first, before I could give a price quote or even take on a case. I'm very reasonable on your donation though. I am an unapologetic practitioner of the dark arts. I give no false impressions about where my power comes from. So if that bothers you, I'm sorry. As above, so below. Hit me up with some info on your situation and I'll fill ya in a little more on how I can help you : )