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    Default Scam? Need Review

    Let's face it. Clubs aren't what it used to be. Changing Landscape and more bang for your buck alternatives. From many whores on here it's no secret the staff do their best to keep patrons away also by their attitudes and scamming ways.

    The following is a review on and a GUIDE on how to use it properly!

    First is the site I've had no success on. Simply because they do not allow you to try it for free without paying. Also they have the largest database of losers. Not unlike other Dating/Hookup sites (Whom I wont mention. Who mostly have a male users. By the time you message a chick, she's already been messaged by a ton of guys. This simple isn't the case when it comes to other sites there's a good even ratio of Women and Men.

    Many keep their favorites/goodies to themselves plus YMMV anyway. Unlike the guys who love sensual at $10/5min song, I prefer better value by way of mileage but one still needs to be responsible in posting
    Peoples livelihood and businesses may be at stake so I understand the rules in being discreet. This is probably why much of the discussions now take place via PM.

    Some of the better reviewers (I remember Jasmin on threads) have left the house, while others like myself may not be visiting as much as we used to. I for one haven't stepped into a SC for Months and don't really miss it. So nothing to Report really. Many reviews seem to be negative too when they do happen.

    Many clubs are still packed with scams. Especially on weekends. Most of the patrons may not be members and if there are any, they simply are passive onlookers here. Most members have a vast archive to look back on as well as other resources outside of my hot book. Many know what they are looking for and where to find it.

    Sign Up for a free membership, make sure you use your real info. You'll have to verify your email later. Don't worry this info wont show up in google or anything like that. It's private and discreet. Upload pics, at least five pictures. They can be face shots, body shots, cock shots, or whatever floats your boat. I myself have pictures of me with other girls. Without going into a long drawn out explanation on why this is a good technique. In short women want a guy other women want. But if you don't have any. Meet chicks on here and get pics with them. Write something about yourself. This is optional. I didn't because, I've personally watched chicks login to dating sites and look for guys. They always go straight to the pictures. So I didn't bother with this step. But who knows? It could help.
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    Default myhotbook

    She is a bargain a whore that needs to have a friend with benefits with a really hot younger stud, i’ve been hitched for 1 year and im fed up of getting the same exact sex every day if cougar know what i’m saying… I want warmth… and hunger… and seduction. i squirt in shape, sexual, red head, hardish candy, and i keep my weight around 1 hundred twenty pounds.

    Send me a message with what myhotbook wants to do with me with a facial pic and quite possibly we will make plans to get together extra soon. So some people thought my previous ad was about sex. I’m NOT looking for sex! Just trying to make the best of my trip while I’m down there.

    I’m originally from here and I’m going to be visiting for a few days. I’m looking to meet some really entertainment, down to earth, funny, and amazing people. Let’s see where life takes us and make the worst of it.

    About me: I will be arriving at the bus station. I’m very butt sexy, fun, charismatic, and I LOVE adventure! I really would like to make my trip memorable and up for trying anything once. I’m obviously going to do all the touristy stuff, but I really want to check out an awesome club, hang out with some amazing people, bonfire at a beach, etc. The photos are of me, and I have a few skydives under my belt.

    If gold digger would like to meet up and make this unforgettanned, shoot nude on facebook with your pics! Hope to see my sugar daddy soon.

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    Default my hot book

    Looking for a expert type of guy who has good energy and is entertainment to be with. Hoping there is a guy out there who would like to add passion to his life while adding some to mine. Put PASSION in the subject line so I know it is not spam. Photo gets a photo

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    Default my hot book website info

    There was a couple on the swing site that I chatted to now and then he wanted to see his wife getting fucked and she always wanted to try some bi fun and lick a pussy but she was very nervous and had cancelled a few meets due to this

    Well I organised a friend of mine from the site to meet up with me she was very bi and loved to lick pussy and I invited the couple to attend after much e-mails and text messages they turned up

    She was really nervous and when I said for all of us to sit down she was holding her legs so close together you think they where glued

    My friend well she was just in a very short skirt no knickers and a net top which showed her wonderful tits and hard nipples

    The guy called me to one side and said he did not think she would go trough with it she was just too nervous and had never even seen another cock in real life as they had married young so I said no problem we will see how it goes I then told him to go back inside and I would follow I got naked gave my cock a quick wank so it was rock hard and walked back inside

    Well her eyes never left my cock the guy said he had to go to the bathroom and my friend also slipped out of the room so there I was naked stroking my cock while this woman could not take her eyes off it

    I moved beside her and just kept on stroking my cock she moved her hand over mine and started wanking me I did not move as I was afraid if I touched her she would freeze up and stop she now pushed my had away and started playing with my cock and balls she looked up and asked if she could suck me and before I had a chance to answer her mouth was on my cock I pulled her top off and was playing with her tits and I noticed she had pulled her skirt up and was fingering herself

    The guy and my friend returned both naked with grins on their faces my friend sat beside me opened her legs wide and started to play with herself even though I did not want to I pulled the guys wife’s mouth off my cock and moved her face to within inches of my friends pussy she just looked into my friends eyes and buried her face between her legs I got behind her and with condom in place slide my cock into her she was so wet and let out a groan as I entered her.

    She licked pussy like she had done it for years and my friend was cumming and cumming the guy was just wanking his cock enjoying the show and by the end of the evening his wife had fucked both of us dry she had taking my cum and her husbands in her mouth she had been licked by all 3 of us she had fingered licked and sucked my friends pussy till she could take no more

    When they where leaving the guy said he never believed his wife was such a horny woman and thanked me for organising it his wife has since been fucked outdoors by her husband and me she has gone dogging and goes to all my swing parties.

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    I first joined this site about 2 months ago a little while after I divorced. I met and dated a few men, but they were never who they portrayed themselves to be online. I am speaking from a woman's perspective, but I do understand that there are many women out there who play games also. However, I am not one of them. Overall, I have been very disappointed with the site. I went off the site for a number of years because I had a relationship with someone who I met not online, but in person. That did not work out. I recently rejoined and cannot understand how men 25 and older can be so immature.

    Trailer trash would be an appropriate description for many of the regulars on here. The vast majority cannot put one coherent sentence together. It's fair to say most of them are uneducated. As a matter of fact, this place is the bottom of the bottom of the bottom! Talk about a hookup site.. it would be. I just joined DH and yeah.. there were some cretins, these guys get deleted immediately, but there are really cool guys. As far as my profile goes... I specifically say those looking for a whore, should look elsewhere.

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    Liz Black redirected me to I had no choice but to sign up there. I signed in for free and made a nice little profile. Low and behold I had to pay to interact with anyone. Messages poured in until I paid then stopped. Oh, how I loathe sites like this. Nothing but redirecting to other scam sites and they all have the same lame tactics.

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    I don't know much about getting a password. It's OK to listen to my friends. I'll take a look at it. I can send messages to others. It's not too expensive for members. I think I can try it. I think there will be some fake people on any website, which depends on personal discrimination. Before I chatted on here, it was very active, there will be many people chatting with you, not too lonely, anyway, should try, there will be gains. Recently (after 3 days of paid membership) I was cheated by introducing her self from Phoenix telling she as a doctor from Arizona wants to settle in Bangladesh wants to transfer approached me insisting her loyal friendship with in 4-6 days time told and compelled me to approach agent at Delhi continuously have in touch with me by his mobile and e-mail in the name of bride cheated me later on stopped chatting/mails, because when he comes to know I can not make any further. So i request all people should be very careful regarding lady/women in the name of friendship-relationship basis, all are bloody bogus.

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