Overall, I had a great time and will repeat for sure. She is about my height with heels on, in bare feet maybe couple inch shorter. I will definitely repeat. She giggled a lot which made her even hotter. The whole experience was great. I enjoyed her company very much. She laughed a lot at my jokes. Girl is great!! she's a definite repeat. If you haven't had the pleasure, you should give her a try. She's very friendly and I was at ease right off the bat. She is very nice to look at, pretty face, toned figure; great overall package IMO. We decided on a 30 minute date. I was super pumped, her photos were incredible, and the few reviews I had read were glowing. But my bad habit of more research kept creeping up in the back of my head. Here on this board she has only 2 reviews, that really isn't enough for me. So I reached out to my fellow board members and the bro action was strong! Thanks guys for helping a bro out! The word of mouth just sang of a young woman who was enthusiastic, warm, and willing to please. This was so reassuring, so much so that I ended up realizing that 30 min might not be enough time to really connect with this girl. I asked to use the bathroom because I was sweaty from the walk and she said sure. We sat and talked a bit before going at it, she is very easy to talk to, has very pretty eyes, nice ass and legs. I have been seeing this little beauty a few times now. To me her pictures don't do her justice, she is hott and the gal enjoys what she's doing. ... more >
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