Man did she look gorgeous with that sexy flowing hair at this point I didn't want to wait for dinner. The pics in the ad are definitely her as she was wearing that exact same outfit when I saw her. Only saw her twice but I remember her beautiful face to this day. I think it would only be fair to chime in and give in my two cents since I have been benefiting from all of your two cents and reviews very much. I will repeat... She says this is not her regular job so it might be hard to get a hold of her sometimes. Those having seen her should agree with my report. I was offered everything stated in her menu and gladly accepted. Thank you dear, for being so good to me. Consider this review my gift to all fellow board members. You can thank me later. I hopped in the shower and hurried back (because I felt really cold after I got out of the shower), where she was waiting. When I arrived she gave me a warm welcome right off the bat. Any awkward feeling you might get when you walk through the door was gone instantly. What a wonderful encounter! She is amazing. The room was clean, the bathroom spotless and she was very accommodating with my requests. An hour of sheer pleasure. Amazing personality, with the best attitude i've seen. Gorgeous body and energy. Everything I could have asked for and more. Respectful, timely and oh so good. I'm a sucker for her type so despite the lack of pictures I took a chance and I'm glad I did. I repeated her last weekend and I had another memorable session. She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. ... more >
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