Always fun to be getting a great massage and then look up to a sexy provider! I have had the pleasure of her company few times. She seems to fly under the radar since there is no review of her yet on this board. Yes, some people do tend towards a certain type and lord knows I've been chasing that. But every now and then you meet a girl and realize how much you can enjoy other varieties. She is just a sweetheart. For the donation it was a great value and I will definitely repeat. Maybe she clicked with me / YMMV thing? She has a great personality and for some reason we had a pretty good connection. Letís just say that I had her on my mind for the rest of the day. Her place is simply beautiful from the moment you walk into the lobby to the moment you step into the door. She's quite attractive, how attractive you ask? Well, my gaze was drawn to a pair of sexy legs walking down the hall, her hair over her neck and graceful shoulders, maybe she felt my stare because she looked back with a wicked smile. She is one of the nicest SPs I've met, she is just a darling. She gets it. She knows how to drive a guy wild and she knows how to please. The chemistry was off the charts and I'm sure glad she wasn't the first lady I saw or my standards would be higher than they already are. I've been walking around all weekend thinking about how much fun I had with her. You might be able to find a girl who's as much fun as her but I'll doubt you'll find one who's more fun. ... more >
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