She is my FAVORITE SP of all time, and in my area she has no competition. She was extremely friendly, polite and appreciative, the kind of girl that you want to hear from, and go to meet. I will definitely see her again in the future, maybe next week. She is confident and knows how to show off her body in sensual ways. I swear I just wanted to bite that ass all night just my perfect size. Wide eyed, staring and smiling excitedly whoops, “Oh my God, what a great body you have!”. She is just a sweetheart. For the donation it was a great value and I will definitely repeat. I kept my towel on because, honestly, I'm a bit shy but she eventually removed it. I can see why somebody would describe her as looking like that hot girl on TV. The whole time she kept saying and asking if I liked it and if I wanted more and that sort of conversational exchange between the two of us was sort of really exciting. I would like to share some quick feedback on this SP, I paid for the full hour, the location was upscale. She has an ass to die for. I will definitely repeat, most likely next week. Best bang for a buck for sure. ... more >
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