What a refreshing experience. She has amazing curves, a toned physique, and very soft skin. It's always good to play guessing games in your head as to how an SP would look facially before you meet her. I entered the room and standing behind the door was this extremely cute girl with a flawless body, in a lingerie set. Facially, I thought that she was definitely somewhere in between the spectrum spanning GND and DDG, with very fine features and mesmerizing eyes. She is amazing and I think her body, face, and personality are exactly literally perfect. Since I think went a bit overtime, she was patient so I gave a nice tip. Her body, attitude, and massage are the ultimate! If you are like me and want a super cute girl to remind you of your glory days then I 100% recommend her. I mean, she is something out of Rio Di Jinero! The session was one of the best I have ever experienced. She is a very sweet, friendly and super sexy woman. She was everything I had ever fantasized in a girl and I was very comfortable around her. That's something only a quality SP can offer. She is very bubbly, enthusiastic and a joy to engage with. The chat can sometimes be a bit awkward and guarded - on both sides. But I found her to be straightforward and open. A very refreshing and nice way to start. It was a challenge for me to maintain the balance between keeping my mind on the conversation and just breaking down and staring at every inch of her body. I will not go into detail as there are several reviews of her. ... more >
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