She has amazing curves, a toned physique, and very soft skin. It was fantastic in every way. I don't think I have met another SP with a sexy body like that since. The fantasy for me is the innocence and charm she displays but she is one very passionate lady. She is a real treat! I am from the suburbs but I come up all the time and I know the city very well. Those having seen her should agree with my report. I was offered everything stated in her menu and gladly accepted. Thank you dear, for being so good to me. Consider this review my gift to all fellow board members. You can thank me later. She was taller and a bit younger than I imagined, in good shape with a really nice hourglass body and clean skin with no piercings (pretty rare these days). I told her that I was going to say that she looked like a certain actress in my review and she said she gets that a lot. I freshened up and chilled chatting with her, I was quite tired and satisfied. Conversation was good and didn't seem forced. I felt very comfortable chatting with this hottie. It almost felt like we were dating. I sort of post this review with reluctance because I hope to see her again and I'd hate to clog up her schedule. She is just a sweetheart. For the donation it was a great value and I will definitely repeat. She is STUNNING! and cute as I knew she would be. ... more >
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