Her positive attitude is off the charts, from the minute I walked in until I left (a bit over the hour) she made me feel like a king. She has an ass to die for. She may be young but she is as good as all the pros in this business. The location was upscale and her room was very nice and tidy. I wasn't going to pass that up. I took a moment to just admire her body and her pretty bum. The nicest lips and most delicate hands. At points in time, I lost track of who I was. Without getting into too much detail, it was an evening for me to remember. The girl has an angelic appearance but she certainly knew how to make me feel really good. I saw her yesterday and would go so far as to say that she has one of the most beautiful faces among all the SPs I've seen. I hopped in the shower and hurried back (because I felt really cold after I got out of the shower), where she was waiting. I told her it was my time so after my shower she beckoned me to the room. I'm always sceptical with professional pics. I have been duped before, so I was ready to walk if I didn't like what I saw. Went up and when she opened the door, I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. She is a knockout!! The 2 things that really stood out was 1) fantastic body! 2) fabulous service. The date went better than I had anticipated. Words cannot do justice to what she did or how it made me feel but I know for fact that I have never had such an extended feeling of euphoria in my life and I cannot wait to experience it again. ... more >
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