I'm really torn about writing this because she doesn't work much and a good review means some of you bastards are going to be booking her instead of me! Every once in a while you find someone with whom you can really "click". She is nice looking - really reminds you of that babysitter you dreamed of. She deserves to be treated well and I hope I did so. She greeted me with a nice hug and she came across as very affectionate and touchy feely which I like, felt much like a GDP. She is very pretty with beautiful eyes as one of the big assets. Her positive attitude is off the charts, from the minute I walked in until I left (a bit over the hour) she made me feel like a king. Beautiful face, sweet lips, great walk and eye contact while talking to me which I love. I really know how to spot a real talent. Not only was she great she is absolutely awesome personality wise, a great classy companion indeed. I donít rank by numbers but she has been added to that small list of mine and I will absolutely be repeating. We shared lots of laughs during this brief encounter. Take from this short review what you will. Just make sure you treat this sweet girl well as fans will want her to stick around. She is out-going and talkative. ... more >
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