I saw this beautiful lady and I was about to write a review, but I was taken away and was held hostage by a nymph for a few days and no time for this board, so here we go. She always makes me feel like a king. She has long legs and a great booty, not too big but just the right size. Look for the link for those that want to see her ad and contact info. Of course my view of beauty isn't everyone's, but I'd definitely say that she is between the GND and Extremely Pretty with light makeup which I really like. This is the only SP I thought about days after seeing because she has made the session amazing and I'm left with the feeling it will be even better next time. She's also just a total sweetheart to top it all off. I asked if she was available immediately the response was an hour's notice which didn't work for my schedule. By the time I left, I thought she was beautiful, with an expressive face - and as the other review noted, gorgeous natural breasts. For those into details on looks, nice stomach, very nice legs, not too skinny, but toned and shapely, nice shapely butt, and an absolutely beautiful smile. I checked this web site, and there is this new girl. Yes I know it was my first time with this SP so I have no frame of reference but it was as good as the first time with just about any girl I've been with period. I know that makes no sense but like I said my brain was not on level ground. I was sort of in brain ecstasy for a few hours after the session. She's a great girl... I'm always going to her, if I cant get her I try again the next day. She is amazing in every way possible. ... more >
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