After lunch I decided to stop by her place which is a 5 minute drive South. I called the number and she answered and we had a delightful and risqué conversation. There was some great small talk and a very nice massage. When we retreated she performed some more poses for me until I could not resist anymore. Finally gotten around to contributing to this site. Have seen several SP's over the last couple weeks and will be posting what I think might be useful to my fellow board members. Even though there were other options, I took my chances. Wish I had the time to plan and make it to town more often to widen my choices of providers. On the phone she was very polite and helpful. I went to the appointed location on time, which was clean and very nice. It's always good to play guessing games in your head as to how an SP would look facially before you meet her. I entered the room and standing behind the door was this extremely cute girl with a flawless body, in a lingerie set. Facially, I thought that she was definitely somewhere in between the spectrum spanning GND and DDG, with very fine features and mesmerizing eyes. I could've stayed all night. In short, one of the most incredible, spontaneous, explosive sessions I've had. Knows how to take the lead and let you enjoy the session. She gets it. She knows how to drive a guy wild and she knows how to please. Given her amazing face and body I would definitely make another appointment with her! ... more >
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