I was on Cloud 9 when I met my then-girlfriend, whos now my wife of several months. Shes witty, charming, attractive, funny, loving and affectionate.

We had a dream life. Until her ex-best friend came into the picture.

This woman claims that my wife had unpaid debts which she insists that I settle, though stemming from long before wed met.

My wifes unaware that her ex-friend approached me to settle her debts. I refused, and told the woman that I wasnt interested.

Then this friend dropped a bombshell on me, asserting that my wife had worked as an exotic dancer at adult establishments which later progressed to her offering intimate companionship services as an escort.

I didnt want to believe her but after conducting some extensive sleuthing I learned that its all true.

Im very angry and troubled by these upsetting revelations.

Please note that this is NOT a critical chastisement of sex trade workers. I sympathize with the plight of women who opt for work in occupations that come with inherent risks.

Ive not yet raised this with my wife and am unsure how to do so.

She was previously known by a different name, had lived in a different city, etc., none of which she shared with me.

If she was seeking a fresh start at life, Id have appreciated if shed disclosed all this to me upfront when we started dating.

Im seriously considering speaking to a lawyer and even contemplating divorce. Please advise.