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Thread: How to talk to cute lady bus driver?

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    Default How to talk to cute lady bus driver?

    About three weeks ago my work hours changed so I started taking a different route, 10 minutes earlier on the way home. When I first got on, I though “this is the best looking lady bus driver I’ve ever seen”. Then as the weeks go on I’m finding her more and more attractive. Problem is there’s no real opportunity to talk to her because several people are getting on and off at the same time, and she’s busy driving.

    I’m just looking to initiate a conversation and get to know her a bit better, without appearing awkward. Any suggestions?

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    If she’s already taken then not much I can do about it. But that’s why Im here wanting to talk to her to see if there’s any chances to hook up.

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    You might not get through, she could be married or have a boyfriend.
    May not be interested in your type. May even be a prissy type and become offended.
    Faster you chat with her the faster you can find out and know where you stand, and make a decision to move on.
    I flirt with a few bus drivers. Never had enough time to talk lengthy nor really interested in anything further.
    As the esteemed monger already mentioned, their male counterparts are already a few steps ahead of you, especially if they are hot and single and open to possibilities.
    Some are married and cool and our exchanges are just short lived until when next we see each other.
    Had a really smoking one drop me off before going out of service one evening.
    We started to flirt and I had to cut things short because I was heading to work.
    Most of them are pretty friendly in general so part of their job so never read anything into it since I'm usually the flirt initiator and not them.
    I always try to be respectful all the same and maintain boundaries.
    Making a woman feel safe around you is one of the best things you can do to help them warm up to you.
    Women smell desperation form a mile away, so never engage if that's how you view yourself.

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    I think the OP should think of this from her point of view. She is doing her JOB. For some number of reasons, she may not be interested in having sex with you. The big reason would simply be that she is doing her JOB and if she did date bus passengers and it didn't work out, she would have to see that person potentially every day - which would suck. Women also have to be worried that the guy will turn out to be a creep, clingy, needy, abusive, etc. If I was her, I would never date someone who was a patron on my bus route.

    I'm just putting it out there that you need to see it through her lens and however it goes from this point, do NOT make her feel un-comfortable. The only respectful thing to do is to convey to her that things are cool and no big deal to you (which is actually more attractive to women anyway btw).

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