Training Reports SARA FAYE
Number one

  • Learning and being challenged
  • On point but getting tired
  • Hungry for the craft Enjoys being the good girl

  • Plug their asses with tails
  • Stand the slut sisters on the edge of a ravine
  • Drill their synchronization skills
  • Teach her to slap the shit out of her slut sister
  • Or, she gets the crop
  • 69 pussy sucking 101
  • Crop and cane them both anyways
    Suffer till her lazy slut sister gets the come

  • Rhythm
    Good girls get the come

Number two

  • Exhausted, not used to hard work
  • Not exactly with the program but
  • She is an amusing slut sister
  • Motivated by orgasms Enjoys being the bad girl

  • Pony bits and crotch ropes
  • Teach them posture and discipline
  • Sweat them both on the filthy trails
  • Order them to hurt each other for our amusement
  • Or, she cleans her sister but plug with her mouth
  • Dual stress positions and cock sucking
  • Sexual synchronization
    Beat her lazy ass for her failures

  • Posture
    Lazy girls trot home