It disgusts me to say that the whole eyewear and prescription industry is a complete scam . I used to work in eyewear 3 years ago and the markups were flat out highway robbery.

A plain old mugging of the customers money. The frames i wear now are 3.5 years old and with the lens, if it wasnt for my 70% employee discount when i bought it, it would have costed $1100. $550 for the frames and $550 for the high index poly carb lens. I have some insurance and need new lens cause i got a stronger presc and figured id look at frames too while at it. Dont mind continuing to wear my glasses now if i have to but would buy a new pair if i found one i loved. Well i found a few but the prices are a scam. My frames now still look good and are in great shape, just need new lens. I hit up 5 stores this weekend. except the small asian owned place near my place, Pretty much every store i went to wanted $200 for plastic lens with anti reflective and scratch coating and $300+ for poly carbonate lens with The two coatings.

This is just for new lens! The small asian near my house only charges $130.I liked the frames but when i put them on...i dont know if its just me liking them because im seeing myself in something different for the first time in over 3 years or if they actually look good. Of course the store will only tell you that you need new frames. The sales people are utterly useless.Onto the frames i found 4 that i liked but narrowed it down to two. $365 and $332, frames only! $700+ with lens and all and even after my insurance and store discounts i still have to shell out $400+. I get them to jot the frame model numbers and i go online to look. Half the price online! All these local shops are ripping you off. When i worked in eyewear 3.5 years ago the lens were pretty much 500% profit and the frames about 200-300%. I had a 70% staff discount and the store still made profit off me. All these stores now, all they do is push on all these coatings and poly lens and high index when really the funny thing is, plain plastic still has the better optic quality. They say you need polycarbonate lens, thats not true. I feel bad for especially the seniors who are just getting gouged, nickel and dimed and fall for all these lies and cheap sales tactics. Lenscrafters is the worst, they are the biggest rip off of them all, just read up reviews. They make their lens for peanuts and sell them for $345-410 and thats single vision! Bi focals are even more.