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Thread: NYC escort the............Hottest College Girl ...........In New York City - w

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    Default NYC escort the............Hottest College Girl ...........In New York City - w

    See for NYC escort reviews. Seeking information on this ad:

    Hey, I am Coco , 20 years old , Taiwanese
    I Come To Respectful Guys
    Massage / Parties / Escorts 646-761-2552
    Painted nails & Big cocks

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    Having seen the stunning pics of her, she's been on my tdl for a while. I called DT and booked a 1 hr appt. Location was easy to find and I called in 5 min ahead for room/buzzcode. I was told that my appt was actually scheduled 15 minutes later than what I requested even though I remembered the phone guy told me that I was booked for my requested time, so I ended up waiting a few minutes for them to call back which wasn't a big deal.

    I went inside to meet Amanda. She had this cute exotic facial look (I was initially expecting a hot blonde) but I decided I'd try something new this time. Right from the start however, I had a feeling we didn't really click and she didn't seem that interested when she greeted me inside. I figured she must have been tired from a long day.

    Went in to take my shower and came out to find her naked ready to play. She has a smoking hot body and her bbbj technique was very wet. No DFK (she said she doesn't like doing the tongue thing) even though it's on her menu and I've read reviews where she did offer it which was kind of a deal breaker for me, so I had to settle for LK. Her skin is really soft and I enjoyed caressing her lovely manmades.

    The major downside to our session was the rushed service. 10 minutes into the session she says I have to finish soon which confused me so I asked her why, and she tells me the 30 min session is almost up. I quickly correct her and said it was a one hour session, and I thought no wonder everything feels so rushed. Not sure if it was a miscommunication to her. She was a clock watcher as she checked her phone a couple of times which felt distracting, and also insisted that we finish exactly 1 hr into the session before it was over. At one point I didn't feel like I was turned on anymore so I let her ride me for a CG finish. I went for a quick shower to clean up and left.

    Overall it seemed like a rushed mechanical service unlike those sessions where the SP is down to earth, enthusiastic and takes the time to make sure that you're enjoying the session. She is a pretty hot girl, but I left feeling it was a lackluster session. scam, fake or real? Please review meet a girl safely and provide website login info with password. Trial account reviews welcomed for meetagirlsafely

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